Yes, it’s been long.

5 03 2012

How time passes? I know and have realized through my wife’s strong urging that I need to get back to blogging. If at all as an outlet to what I go through during my day’s grind. Yes, I have been unpaid for the past three months and yet I soldier on. My motivation and my ambitions and my aspirations in that order are questioned. But…

There are no answers to these questions. At best, one can attribute it to metaphysics. Questions border on rhetorical. You know, there were days when one’s passion mattered. When careers were built based one the same and irrespective of the company’s fortunes, the employees stuck on. But these days, even five years raises eye brows. Wonder why?


A millionaire’s day out..

16 05 2010

Actually the title is a misnomer. Here we have a bunch of millionaires who played hard against a mixture of good and then some sub-standard opposition and partied harder. Where does this leave this bunch after a whirlwind 45 days? Exhausted and in dire need of more rest and recreation but lo, they head off to face some tough opposition on unknown wickets and grounds. If the result did surprise anyone, then it must have been a hard bit to swallow. Hell, yes it was expected.

Australia clash with England. I doubt if England can get their hands on their first ‘world’ title but this format has thrown more surprises than one can imagine. Let’s us hold on to our trousers and await….

AG, OG, 3G and now 4G…

27 03 2010

The inured disc is healing quite well, but as the all knowing doc reveals this is just episode 1 in a long running Balaji soap. If no precautions are taken, there could be another tear-jerker from wife. On another news, my friend in Bangalore having tired himself of all the waiting for my questions on this blog, decided to seize the Facebook initiative and create his own quizzing application. Apparently, this one can be linked to blogs such as these and to save some effort on the sports quizzing front, will post the application here. Well actually that will be my next post. Watch this space.

Travails of a Horizontal..

24 03 2010

With all my foolhardiness intact, I managed to injure my lower spine. Termed medically as a ‘disc injury’, have been lying on the bed for almost 23 hours of an astronomical day (One hour for the morning ablutions). There is really no greater medicine for this than absolute rest. Managed to skim some questions for the post-rest session, will post them in an ‘askable’ form here.. Watch this space.

Hurrah for connectivity…

23 03 2010

Currently on Airtel Broadband..Had a brisk beginning what with speeds exceeding the normal T20 early over run rates. But that’s just the beginning. Once the Power Play (read Honeymoon) ends, then begins the hair pulling. Received news that my quizzing monster of a friend, Raja Satish has once again finished second in the Hyderabad round of Tata Crucible. He is disappointed and a bit dejected. Am sure he wanted to step into the Pro leagues (believe me fella, you might either score or fall by the wayside) with a clean slate. But hey dude, you have a wonderful record to be proud of over the past couple of years and you have done amazingly well. Consistency that perhaps can be rivalled by a L.A.Lakers. Watch this space for more…

One tough old chestnut….

31 01 2010

Just saw off my mother at the airport bus pick up. This diminutive lady has held herself  well this past month. Losing one’s husband is never easy for it brings upon the widow a heavy burden that grows heavier by the passing minute. She knows that road ahead isn’t easy for there are quite a number of unfinished  tasks to complete and also deal with the paperwork that one’s sudden death, brings. She has adapted to her new life of solitude with fortitude and though every step brings with it painful memories, she’s managed to keep those tears and the sympathies from relatives and neighbors at bay.

Love you mum and trust me, I know the hill up ahead is quite steep but I am there every step of  the way.

Wallowing in self-pity….

29 01 2010

The dawn of a new year as the channels proclaim is nothing but another ruse to make you feel sick and everything short of castration. Come to think of it, the new year resolutions never help. They are the exact opposite. You don’t meet them and spend the rest of the year feeling miserable. Pick up any health magazine. Screaming on the covers that one can lose 12 impossible kgs before the year is a month old, but given the hearty after effects of partying in early Jan, losing all that weight is a mite easier than getting Tiger Woods getting his wife back.

Why am I blogging, again? Ask the lady. She is leaving these nasty 14o character tweets as a feedback. I am collecting all these in case of nasty court battle which I foresee happening soon….Ouch. Just kidding.